Attorney Alexander Ivakhnenko

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  Many federal crimes fall under this vast category. These federal charges usually cover  financial instruments, medical, mortgage and insurance fraud and any financial dealings that are renumerated within the U.S. Code. 
   If you face a federal indictment and charges your primary goal should be getting a comprehensively good understanding of possible options how to proceed. If you are charged with a federal crime it will not dissipate on its own.
  Remember, even talking with any federal agent briefly and informally may potentially subject you to additional federal charges of perjury if you state any issue incorrectly, mislead or lie to any federal agent.
  A natural human reaction is to justify your conduct, explain and give your own version of the events. However, you need a professional legal representation to defuse the situation when you are not certain what to do.
  Please call Attorney Ivakhnenko to discuss your case in confidence.