Attorney Alexander Ivakhnenko

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Attorney Ivakhnenko applies a vigorous approach at Preliminary Hearings with the Motions to Suppress Evidence and Quash Arrest hat may place a client in a better position to negotiate sensitive issues mired with minute details with state prosecutors. Attorney Ivakhnenko practices law with firm belief that his client's constitutional and legal rights remain solidly protected.  Attorney Ivakhnenko approaches any criminal matter mindful of its potential consequences on the client’s immigration status in the United States. In his experience, he understands that prevention of any potentially adverse effects at the inception of the criminal case is legally proper and better than attempting to qualify a client after the negative effect of the completed criminal matter.  Please call 773-562-8602 to consult further on any criminal matter that you may believe could affect your prospective immigration status in the U.S.  Persons charged with any criminal offenses must realize that gambling with their future adjustment of immigration status or even freedom could be a tragic mistake as the State Attorney Office in Illinois adamantly prosecutes felonies and misdemeanors. Anyone criminally charged may allow her life take a terrible turn to the point of no return without a strong criminal defense. Attorney Alexander Ivakhnenko imparts practical life experience and sensible criminal defense meeting his reputation for perseverance, dedication and analysis in criminal and immigration cases.  Attorney Alexander Ivakhnenko applies an efficient defense to shelter clients’ constitutional rights and safeguard the personal freedom, the most valuable for anyone.