Attorney Alexander Ivakhnenko

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Attorney Alexander Ivakhnenko assists in evaluation and assessing your eligibility for applying for U.S. Citizenship and respective filing and representation of N400 naturalization application. The process of naturalization may appear basic; however, even a miniscule mistake or omission may create an unexpected delay or even lead to removal proceedings of the client. Do not gamble with your future plans by proceeding without any professional assistance of an attorney. 

Attorney Alexander Ivakhnenko offers comprehensive understanding of the naturalization procedures and process variables. You may overlook certain significant issues proceeding pro se without a professional understanding of the complete naturalization picture. Attorney Alexander Ivakhnenko will effectively prepare your filing and correspond with the Service on your behalf to facilitate the case.

In evaluation of your case Attorney Alexander Ivakhnenko will screen your case under the statutory requirements. Preliminarily you must meet the residence requirements, satisfy the premises of good moral character, required physical presence in the country, allegiance to the Constitution of the United States of America, language exam and registration with the Selective Service if applicable. Each of such requirements consists of sub sections that ma present a procedural challenge. For instance, a simple charge and subsequent conviction for a simple battery (not domestic battery), which is a Misdemeanor class A in Illinois will not exclude an applicant from naturalization eligibility, however, failure to disclose it on the N400 Application, which is a sworn federal document may be deemed as deceptive or even criminal and may result in denial. Also, bear in mind that it does not pay to resort to any criminal schemes of visa fraud with fraudulent filings when perfectly legal and appropriate options may exist in your situation. There is a whole number of crimes that may disqualify an applicant, even a little change in criminal history places a permanent bar on applying for the U.S. citizenship. Remember, it is the privilege, not a right and you are better off to hire a professional immigration attorney to present your case who also practices criminal law. Attorney Alexander Ivakhnenko knows that a difference between a conditional discharge ( which is a conviction) and supervision (which is not a conviction) may affect your particular case. With any type of criminal record, do not take changes. Schedule a consultation and Attorney Alexander Ivakhnenko will meet with you and assess your particular situation in confidence so you will make the right decision. As you aspire to your future goals and pursue your American dream to better your life, do not proceed without discussing a questionable nuance with your naturalization. Meet with Attorney Alexander Ivakhnenko and he will advise your further on legally available options. Residing in the United States is life investment. Protect it wisely. Attorney Alexander Ivakhnenko not only will assist you to prepare your case if you qualify, he will aid with the language component for the immigration language exam or advise on a language waiver if the criteria for relief call for it.


For further inquires about the naturalization please contact us at 773.562.8602 or fill out an intake form.