Attorney Alexander Ivakhnenko

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   In pursuit of the American Dream some people chose to take a faster route of amassing fortunes without considering the legal consequences of their actions.
  Yet, a faster route to financial security may not be necessarily better and actually may be criminal.
  In some cases the federal Government may bring charges in cases dealing with international money transfers, wires or shell companies connected to the organized crime activities in other countries, people trafficking and other illegal activities that are illegal in the United States and extended to the U.S.
   It is advisable to have a clear understanding of your legal options and remain protected under the law. You have to discuss your urgent matter in case you are charged with a federal financial crime.
  You cannot unring the bell and you cannot undo certain things.  Even if you find yourself charged with a federal crime, it does not mean that
you have to make another mistake and make your situation even worse. Talk with a professional criminal defense attorney in confidence at the number below.