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Please fill out the following form below prior to an immigration consultation and e-mail to the address.

This information will be helpful  to better examine your particular immigration issue.   

Law offices of Alexander Ivakhnenko, Esq.





1. Name _______________________________________________________________________________

               Last Name First name Middle Name (Patronymic)


a. Other names ever used __________________________________________________________________

                                              Maiden Name Alias

2. Birth Place ___________________________________________________________________________

                        Location                                                         Date


3. US. Address ________________________________________________________________________ 

                           Street No. and Name City, State Zip code


a. Foreign Address if any _________________________________________________________________

                                              Street No.                                        Name City                     State                  Zip Code              Country


4. Telephone ___________________________________________________________________________


5. Nationality __________________________________________________________________________

                           Current Citizenship if any


6. Entry in the United States _______________________________________________________________

                                                     Place                                                Date                                              Type of Entry Visa


7. Visa Status __________________________________________________________________________

                            Visa Type                                 Date of Issuance                       Place of Visa Issuance                      Visa expiration date


9. Alien Registration Number if any _________________________________________________________

                                                              Date of Issuance


10. Social Security Number ________________________________________________________________

                                                 Date of Issuance                                                      Place of issuance



11. Name, Date, Place of Birth of spouse and children if any ________________________________________





12. List Permanent Resident or U.S. citizen relatives in the U.S. with address and telephone number





13. List name, address, and telephone number of person who referred you to the law firm





14. List name, address, and telephone number of the attorney who consulted or worked on your immigration issue





15. List the status of your case filed personally or by someone on your behalf if you know





Date _________________


Signature of alien or person providng the information  and her relationship to the alien





 download the intake form