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Grand Jury Indictment   

 It is usually a very arcane and secretive procedure used in all U.S. Federal Courts to indict individuals on federal charges.
 The grand jury meets at a federal court during its term and an assigned federal prosecutor presents the case against a suspect using testimony of the federal agents, cooperating witnesses and even hearsay.    
  After hearing that testimony the grand jury votes in secret and then returns a true bill of indictment to the federal prosecutor who then seeks an arrest warrant for the indicted person. That starts a federal criminal case against an individual.
  Before you make your decision regading your present legal situation consult with a professional criminal defense attorney.
  Knowledge is power and you benefit from educating yourself on your available legal options before selecting the best course of action that matters the most and makes the best logical sense. Especially when your freedom is on the line.
  The most logical decisions you can make when you have more information and better understanding of your options not less, especially in serious criminal cases.
  Call Attorney Alexander Ivakhnenko to discuss your current criminal situation in confidence.