Attorney Alexander Ivakhnenko

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Attorney’s Profile:  

  Prior to law practice Attorney Alexander Ivakhnenko

obtained a Masters Degree in Linguistics from the

University of Linguistics  in Kiev, Ukraine.


   He used his unique excellent language skills in both Russian and Ukrainian languages and analytical abilities as a linguist working on criminal federal cases in Illinois, Florida, Kentucky, Tennessee, Colorado and New York. He served as a recognized language expert witness in fedeal cases on organized crime, visa fraud, conspiracies involving testimony in Russian and Ukrainian languages.


  Additionally, the U.S. Assistant Attorney Office used his assistance on federal trials involving wire fraud, money laundering, visa and medical fraud and other federal crimes.


  Attorney Ivakhnenko graduated from the College of Law

at DePaul University in 2005. Expanding his professional expertise and cross-cultural experience he took summer law courses at Moscow State University in Moscow in 2002, Russia and studied at the Loyola University Rome campus in 2004 in Italy.    

 Attorney Ivakhnenko is admitted to practice in the State of Illinois (2006) in all Illinois courts, the Federal District for the  Northern District of Illinois (2007), Federal Trial Bar (2009) and Immigration Court in Chicago. 

Attorney Alexander Ivakhnenko was admitted to Bar at the U.S. Supreme Court and became a full member and officer of that Court effective March 22, 2010.

  Attorney Ivakhnenko actively participates in the Chicago Bar Association activities. He attends the CBA Criminal and Immigration Law Committee Sections regularly for legal updates. Also he volunteered as a pro bono tutor for the Minority Legal Educational Resources at Northwestern University for several years assisting recent law school graduates to pass the Illinois Bar Exam and participates in the DePaul College of Law Alumni Mentorship programs.

  Attorney Alexander Ivakhnenko was repeatedly invited as a guest speaker to Chitata to provide legal guidance on relevant legal issues for professional translators and interpreters working in the national and state court systems. 


Contact Attorney Alexander Ivakhnenko  at 773.562.8602

for a free consultation regarding your criminal charges

or contact the office by e-mail.

Attorney Alexander Ivakhnenko is a Chicago based counsel

who represents clients in Illinois criminal courts and U.S. Federal Courts.