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   Asylum is a statutorily available legal relief permitting an alien to remain in the US indefinitely upon showing that such person suffered past persecution or still has a well-founded fear of future prosecution in her home country if she were to be returned there from the United States. 

   Asylum allows applicants who entered the United States without issued visas or authorization to apply for an asylum relief with the USCIS
at the border upon arrival. Also, undocumented immigrants have that relief available to them after their apprehension at the U.S. border while in detention awaiting removal.

   Aliens who entered the U.S. on valid visas have twelve months since the admission date at the point of entry to file for asylum relief. Any inadvertent delay or late asylum filing must be properly explained and justified otherwise it may be deemed untimely by the Service.

   The applicants placed in deportation or exclusion proceedings do not have a statutorily available opportunity to present their application for asylum relief to the USCIS. However, the U.S. Immigration Court has a jurisdiction to hear an application for asylum in such instances.

   If you feel that you may qualify for an asylum relief in the U.S. or desire to receive a consultation regarding your particular situation please contact my law office to schedule an in person consultation at

After reviewing the particular details of your present immigration matter I may further advise you in confidence regarding your legal options. You may make right decisions about your life after learning your options.