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    Attorney Alexander Ivakhnenko  assists with adjustment of legal status in the United States. The adjustment of status (AOS) is a statutorily available legal procedure for foreign nationals to file and receive legal permanent residence in the U.S. (LPR) commonly known as the "green card " upon eligibility.

   In fact,  the card used to be green, but currently it looks very different and contains a number of temper protection features. Attorney Alexander Ivakhnenko most frequently uses AOS option for clients of U.S. citizens’ spouses.

    You will receive a further professional advice in confidence to make an educated decision about your options in the United States.

    AOS is not automatic. It requires an eligible married couple to prepare, assemble and file necessary paperwork and documentary proof to satisfy the USCIS requirements.

    The burden of proof  is on both spouses to show a valid bona fide marriage.  With minor details or documents missing or incorrectly submitted even a valid marriage may be referred to the fraud investigation unit at the USCIS.

    Attorney Alexander Ivakhnenko will examine the documents and submissions to successfully meet the necessary requirements and show a presence of a bona fide marriage.

    Your lawful presence in the United States may be adversely affected by complex immigration laws.  At times, the federal agencies focus their attention on potentially criminal marriage fraud patterns. If a fraud marriage is discovered it may result in a federal conviction, sentence and removal from the United States. At that time a person permanently forfeits a chance to reside or visit the U.S. in the future.  

     Attorney Alexander Ivakhnenko will assist not only in your adjustment preparation and filing but prepare you before the case interview and draft correspondence if needed to address legal procedures and inquiries from the Service.  

     Immigration laws may present challenges to clients. For instance if a foreign national enters the United States without an inspection (EWI) and after a certain period of time that person marries a U.S. citizen and wants to file for adjustment of status based on that bona fide  marriage as a beneficiary, the USCIS will deny such AOS if that person remains in the United States. The adjustment of status is statutorily allowed for processing of the EWI only at relevant the U.S. Consular Offices abroad upon showing of hardship to a U.S. spouse.

  For a more detailed evaluation of your immigration status in the United States and available options plase contact Attorney Alexander Ivakhnenko at 773. 562.8602 or by e-mail.